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Article • April 23, 2010

Picture This

An Easy-To-Use Photo Editor That Lives In The Cloud

If Google buys a web-based photo editing service, chances are good that it’s one you should bookmark.

Such is the case with the newly-acquired Picnik, a free photo editor that lives in the cloud.  This means you never have to leave your web browser to alter or access your photos.

Create an account—it’s free and simple—and upload your photos to your library. The site pulls from all the various sites where you’re likely to store them (Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, Photobucket, etc.)

Once you’ve stocked your collection, you can begin to edit.

The site offers all the tools you’d expect to find in full-service editing software, allowing you to adjust exposure and contrast, retouch blemishes, get rid of red-eye and crop your photos.

You can even set it to Furball to apply the tools to the family pet.

When you finish a photo, use Save & Share to preserve the photo and send it around. Picnik can post the photo on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or a personal website.

For $2 a month, you can upgrade to a Premium account, which gives you access to their full range of options, including complex layers and fullscreen editing.

Consider it Photoshop for people who like things free and easy.