Small Packages - Netted
Article • April 28, 2010

Small Packages

Beauty And Grooming Products Designed To Minimize Airport Security Hassles

Air travel is bad enough these days without the inevitable hassles we all face at security, when we discover that our toiletry items inevitably exceed federal limits.

To solve your TSA woes, try 3floz, an online boutique dedicated exclusively to selling travel-friendly beauty/grooming products that meet airport security requirements.

Unlike drug stores that stock mainly cheap or generic travel-size products, 3floz carries petite versions of the brand-name products you know and trust.

While the site is heavy on luxury beauty products, it also has an extensive selection of practical, everyday items like deodorants and sunscreens.

They also have some handy pre-sorted kits that contain everything you might need. And the site offers free shipping on orders over $100.

You can either use them or give up on grooming altogether while you travel–which we don’t recommend.