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Article • April 30, 2010

Create and Order Professional Online Invites

Online invites that look as good as the real thing await on Paperless Post

Online invitation services are efficient and cost effective, but they generally lack any kind aesthetic appeal.

For those who prefer the traditional look of fine letterpress stationary in their digital invites, there’s Paperless Post.

The service offers online invites, announcements, save-the-dates and even notecards, all of which have the style and feel of fancy paper products.

To build a card you simply choose a design from their plentiful portfolio, add the details (including “paper type,” wording, images and the envelope you want) and give them your delivery data.

As for the cost, the site charges one “stamp” for every recipient you send to (you get 25 for free when you sign up).  Forty stamps cost $5.00; 300 will run you $15.00 (as compared to $126 in the offline world).

And, of course, you can monitor invite receipts and guest replies using their tracking service.

In addition to making design and presentation a priority, Paperless Post is an ad-free environment (unlike, say, Evite).

The final product looks as good as the real thing–without the environmental impact.

Another good excuse to have a party…