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Article • May 5, 2010

Create and Listen To Custom Playlists, Song by Song

Play DJ (minus the broken needles) with

Your days of working with two turntables and a microphone may be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop spinning records (virtually speaking).

Enter, a new service that allows you to play DJ by creating (and listening to) custom playlists, song by song.

First, choose your DJ name and list a few of your favorite musical acts (a wide range of choices works best).

From there, Blip will compare your taste in music with data from other users. When you find users you like, you add them to your DJ homepage, which uses a Twitter-like streaming format to show updates (or “Blips”) each time a fellow DJ plays a new song.

Click on a song to play it.  As it plays, you’ll also see the music video (if one is available).  If you like the song, you can add it to your profile.

When you get tired of listening to the work of other DJ’s, begin selecting songs to add to your own custom playlist. You can even add messages to each blip, so others know why you’ve chosen it when it shows up on their stream.

(The sharing isn’t just limited to other Blip users, either. You can broadcast your picks on a variety of social networks, including Twitter and Tumblr.)

All the music is available for free, making an incredible source for listening to your old favorites and learning about new ones.

Your listeners are waiting…