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Article • May 6, 2010

Other People's Money

Compare Your Spending And Saving Habits With Your Peers

For better or worse, we judge ourselves by our peers.

Thanks to a new financial data site called Bundle, you can now compare your economic standing and spending habits to everybody else.

To start, you can get an overview of the spending habits of those in the same location, age range and income bracket as yourself, presented in appealing, colorful graphics.  This is broken down into categories (shopping, food & drink, etc.), each of which you can dig into more deeply.

Their spending quiz provides a more detailed profile, ultimately revealing what type of spender you are and how you compare to national averages.

(We came out as an “Alpha Shopper,” which seemed more responsible than being a “High Roller.”)

The site also features a variety of content aimed at helping you understand your spending and saving habits.  Their 2010 Bundle Report provides detailed statistics for national spending.

More revealing, perhaps, are the personal confessions, where users tell their own stories of overspending.

Those with an iPhone can use their ViceTracker app to keep tabs on their spending (and compare themselves to others in the network).

It’s the next best thing to picking somebody’s pocket.