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Article • May 10, 2010

Keep Track Of Your Life With An All-In-One To-Do Tool

Never forget a task amidst your busy life with Remember The Milk

Keeping track of your life is never easy, no matter how many different time management services you use.

In fact, having too many options is often a big part of the problem.

Enter Remember The Milk, a task management service that integrates all of your organizational programs into one intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

The site will send you alerts on Twitter, Blackberry, Gmail and Google Calendar. It even uses Google Gears to work when you’re offline.

Most of the management is done via the profile you create on the site. The Tasks page is where you add your upcoming responsibilities. Customize them by filling out time estimates, tags, locations, and even the number of times you’ve put off a given task.

Finally, label your entries as either Personal, Study or Work items (you can also customize these labels).  As time goes by, your Inbox will fill up with all the tasks you never completed (these are “overdue”) as well as those you have to finish in the next few days.

These items will show up everywhere you want them to—Gmail, Twitter, your IM client and your smartphone (they’ve released iPhone and Android apps).

The service is free, though power users may want to consider the “Pro” account, which costs $25 per year.

Or you can keep using those scraps of paper that litter your wallet.