Find and Book Parking Anywhere You Drive - Netted
Article • May 11, 2010

Find and Book Parking Anywhere You Drive

Ensure that you never drive around looking for a parking spot ever again with ParkWhiz

Finding a parking spot in a crowded urban area is one of those exquisitely frustrating experiences that modern life presents us with.

That’s why we’re surprised it took so long for somebody to come up with ParkWhiz, a nifty service that lets you reserve a parking spot weeks before you leave the house.

Create an account and choose the venue where you’ll need to find parking. The site covers airports, sports arenas, theaters and downtown areas in more than 75 U.S. cities.  You’ll pay for the spot when you make the reservation, and the price includes a small commission. (You print a ticket to take with you, guaranteeing your spot).

If you search for a specific venue the site will give you a list of dates and available spots, listed with their prices and distances in miles from the venue.

To search for parking along a given street, click on their “Downtown” tab and type in the address. The site gives you more options if you’re searching in a major city (LA, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco and NYC are all well-supported).

The site even lets you post listings if you have a spot that you want to rent out. They’ll accept reservations for the spot, keep track of usage and even funnel payments into your account.

If only there were a service that got rid of traffic and bad drivers…