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Article • May 12, 2010

House Proud

Get Rid Of Your Real Estate Agent Once And For All

Searching for real estate online is great, unless you want to get a feel for a new area.

Thankfully, Google has beefed up its real estate maps spinoff with some handy new tools that help give you a sense of a particular locale.

Search for a city, suburb or neighborhood. A sidebar to the left presents available properties (you can search for rentals or for-sale listings) while the map labels each property with an interactive red marker.

To learn more about a particular property, click on the marker. With the Street View tool you can walk through the area virtually. Zoom in and you can do a close-up on the exterior of the actual property.

You can also look for nearby businesses and do a directions search to get a sense of how easy (or challenging) your commute to work will be.

Another real estate site with new features is the old stalwart Trulia, which has added both rental properties and a new feature that allows users to search for bargains on foreclosed properties.

Not that we encourage you to kick people when they’re down, but…