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Article • May 14, 2010

Track Down All of Your Images Online

Find bad photos of yourself (or other images) with TinEye

A Facebook “friend” has just uploaded a less-than-flattering photo of you to their page.  Naturally, you want to find out if other copies of that photo (or others like it) exist.

Enter TinEye, a free “reverse image search engine” that allows you to find more information about any image (including, of course, other copies of that image).

To get started, simply upload any image (or its URL) and TinEye will scour the web for other versions. Resulting images are listed in order of relevance, with the first ones being exact matches, followed by examples of various other versions.

TinEye will even let you do a layered comparison between your original image and whatever else it finds so you can easily see any differences.

For those who want a similar function on mobile phones, there’s Google Goggles, which uses your smartphone’s camera (though it’s only on Android, for now) and a technology known as augmented reality to translate what your camera “sees” into real-time web results.

Google Goggles works with landmarks, books covers, contact info, paintings, logos and even wine labels.

It’s sort of like having a private eye on your payroll at all times.