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Article • May 20, 2010

Slow Feed

A Small Step To Bring Oldsters Into The 21st Century

One of the knocks that older folks have against the Internet is that social media sites are too confusing.

In honor of National Older Persons Month, we present a service called Postegram, which allows users to transform their Facebook profiles, status updates and photos into a full-color printed newsletter, which is delivered to the mailboxes of overjoyed grandparents and others who don’t have computers.

Yes, this defeats the immediacy and feedback capabilities of the world’s leading social media site, but it’s kind of sweet all the same.  And we can think of a few relatives who’d actually like the service.

To create a personalized newsletter, just open the Postegram app when you’re logged in to Facebook, pick a title for your masterpiece, decide who you want to send it to and then choose the “friends” whose feeds and photos you want included.

Postegram creates the document and handles the mailing.  Prices start at $4.99 for one newsletter per month, though you can also get bi-monthly and weekly delivery.

And, yes, you can control the content, ensuring that those updates from your nephew about how hot Megan Fox is don’t make it into grandpa’s mailer.

Next up: Twitter streams sent by telegraph.