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Article • May 25, 2010

Find A Coach And Get Better At Just About Anything

Learn anything you've ever wanted to with TakeLessons

You’re great just the way you are. (And, dammit, people like you). But every now and again the urge to get better strikes.

For those moments there’s TakeLessons, a new service that puts teachers and students together, all with the goal of making you better at any of 1000 different things.

To start you create an account, adding your interests, skills and things about yourself you’d like to improve.  Then you look for the services you want, be it trumpet lessons or accent reduction from a linguistics Ph.D.

You can search based on the location of the TakeLessons, their appointment times or verified review scores. (Each teacher is ranked accordingly, so your search results will suggest the teachers who are right for you).

You can also use TakeLessons’s Appointment Finder to search for a teacher’s real-time appointments or see who is offering a last-minute deal.

Once you find a teacher, visit his or her page to see what services they offer, read client reviews and even book an appointment online.

Once you make an appointment you’ll meet the TakeLessons in person at an agreed-upon time and locale (though some teachers do offer lessons via videochat).  You won’t have to pay the listed price until you finish.

Have a unique skill and a desire to make others better? TakeLessons makes it simple to create your own page.