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Article • May 28, 2010

Find the Hottest New Online Games

Kongregate is a video gaming site simple enough for the rest of us

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, which means that summer has started.  With that comes the return of seersucker, mojitos and the all-important tradition of the summer Friday.

But what to do with all that spare time?  One suggestion: video games, via the gaming mecca known as Kongregate.

The site offers thousands of user-developed games, all available for free.

Those of you who are worried that today’s offerings are too complicated (we stopped playing during the Galaga era as well) will be pleased to learn that the site specializes in “casual” games that can easily be played using a computer keyboard.

Kongregate has a points system, awarded for rating games, referring friends, and winning challenges.  There are plans to make these points redeemable for prizes, but it hasn’t been implemented yet.

If you do well, you earn badges and gain the respect of fellow players.

And, yes, you can add your initials if you get a high score.