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Article • June 2, 2010

Read Any Web Page with a Cleaner View

Readability is a tool that makes online reading easy, elegant and clutter-free

Reading online is both essential and incredibly frustrating, especially for long-form pieces. It’s all clutter, tiny print and widely variant font choices.

Thankfully, there’s an elegant new browser app called Readability that makes the undertaking much, much easier.

To get started you select your settings, choosing a style (we like the “novel” setting), a type size (“medium” is nice) and the width of your margins.  Then you drag the Readability badge into your toolbar.

When you come to an article that you want to make more “readable,” just click on the button to enable the tool.

Magically, the ads and associated clutter will disappear, leaving only text.  The look and feel is akin to a magazine page (albeit one that’s easy to read). The links are preserved (and, in most cases, so is the artwork), but all the other clutter is gone.

It’s kind of like the Large Print edition for online reading.  In other words, your eyes will thank you.