Create Customized Envelopes Featuring Your Location - Netted
Article • June 4, 2010

Create Customized Envelopes Featuring Your Location

Print the most unique envelopes (for free!) with Map Envelope

Email is great for convenient, speedy transmissions.  But sometimes you want to evoke that tactile sense of place.

Enter Map Envelope, a free service that allows you to create an envelope whose inner lining is a custom Google Map featuring a satellite photo of whatever locale you choose.

The service couldn’t be easier to use.  Just enter your location and an optional custom message and hit “preview.”   If you’re happy with your creation, hit print.

A minute or so later you have the makings of a custom envelope (you do have to fold it, but they include convenient hash lines, so even we managed to do it).

The lining is a crisp satellite image of the location you select, with your address and a custom message you write attached to the location pin, just as it would appear on Google Maps.

Snail mail just got cool again.