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Article • June 10, 2010

Buy Discounted and Sell Your Unwanted Gift Cards

Give the perfect gift (and pay less than retail for it) with Gift Card Granny

Selecting the right gift is a tricky business.  Gift cards are a safer bet, but saving money is a good thing as well.

Now, thanks to Gift Card Granny, you can purchase popular gift cards for as much as 50 percent off the original price. (Yes, you can put this in the “terrible name, great service” file).

The site is basically a mega-store of gift cards from major retailers, arranged so that you can easily see how much your discount will be.

The size of the discount varies by the retailer, though all of the cards are priced at less than what you’d pay by going directly to the store.

You can also sign up to have coupon codes sent to you via email through their partner site, Coupon Sherpa.

Also:  We won’t tell anybody if you end up buying a few cards to use for your own shopping.