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Article • June 14, 2010

Save Money Towards Your Goals with a Free Online Piggy Bank

SmartyPig is a pain-free way to save money for big purchases

Buying expensive things is fun.  Saving the cash to do so, less so.

Thanks to SmartyPig, putting money aside for your discretionary purchases just got easier.

Sign up for a free account and outline your savings goal, be it a 3-D television, a new watch or a kitchen renovation.

If you’re not quite sure how much your dream purchase will cost you can use their interactive calculator to figure out your total planned expenses.

Once the site knows how much money you’ll need to sock away, it gives you a tailor-made list of ways to save. It uses the information in your profile—namely your average expenses on food, housing and other expenditures—to help you cut the fat.

Have some generous benefactors willing to help you along the way? Tell them to log onto Smarty Pig and enter your email address. When they plug in the amount of money they’re willing to contribute, Smarty Pig will alter your profile and your savings schedule accordingly.

It’s either this or rob a bank, which we can’t in good faith endorse.