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Article • June 15, 2010

Search & Destroy

Control What Google Tells People About You

Like it or not, we live in the Google Era. This means that your prospective employer is just as likely to Google your name as is your upcoming blind date.

Thankfully, you can limit what others learn about you with Vizibility, a free service that allows you to create a customized “Search Me” button highlighting your best web assets.

Start by entering your name, current and previous employers, and any keywords you want associated with your search. This flexibility allows you to make it as professional or casual as you’d like.

After creating a sample search based on your information, you can decide which search results you’d like to remove and which keywords you’d like to block. You can be concise and block certain keywords or go broad and banish entire sites from your results (which is handy for blocking embarrassing photos).

The service is also useful for people with common names who are un-Googleable. You’re given control to block out any other John or Jane Doe on the Internet with a few simple clicks.

Once you create an account you’re given a dedicated profile page with your tailored search and a “search me” button that you can add to your LinkedIn profile, Facebook page or online resume.

For a monthly fee of $2.95, you can add other search engines and get notifications when your results change. For a yearly fee of $29.95, you can receive notifications whenever you are searched.

It’s either this or become an anti-technology hermit living in a cabin in Montana.