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Article • June 17, 2010

Protect Your Luggage From Loss, Theft, or Damage

Free yourself from the pain of lost luggage and baggage claim with Luggage Free

Air travel these days is bad enough without having to spend three figures for the privilege of taking luggage, only to have the airlines lose it for you.

Enter Luggage Free, a service that ships luggage to anywhere in the world, saving you the, uh, baggage that often accompanies your baggage.

Simply fill out the online form and arrange for a Luggage Free representative to pick up your items from your home, office, hotel or cruise ship. (You don’t even have to be present when they arrive).

When you arrive at your destination, bypass baggage claim (and, for international travel, customs) and go straight to your hotel or home, where your bags will be waiting for you.

The service is priced based on a per-pound rate instead of a weight range, with priority overnight options available for most major cities. (The cost for standard overnight domestic shipping is $5.35 per pound, plus a $50 service fee).

A handy on-site feature estimates the cost of common items like bikes, skis and golf bags based on origin and destination points.

In terms of logistics, an in-house team tracks your bags along their route, alerting you by e-mail when your belongings arrive. When your trip is over, simply schedule a return pick up (if you haven’t done so already) and the entire process is reversed.

All shipments are insured for up to $1000, with additional coverage available up to any amount.

With service like this, the only stress during your travels will be whether or not the sales guy in the seat next to you will turn the pages of his Grisham novel too loudly.