Get Out of Your Unwanted Car Lease or Cell Phone Plan - Netted
Article • June 18, 2010

Get Out of Your Unwanted Car Lease or Cell Phone Plan

Find pain-free way to trade a car lease or cell phone plan with Swapalease and CellSwapper

Lease cars are great, until the “new car smell” wears off and you’re stuck in a long-term agreement.

Thankfully, there’s Swapalease, a service that allows you to sell the remaining time on a lease and avoid costly lease cancelation fees.

Start by creating an account and posting the make, model and year of your vehicle.

Then create an ad with a photo gallery.  The basic version will cost you $49.95 but you can upgrade to a service that allows for more photos, featured placement, and a waiving of the $95 success fee.

When the time comes you can contact serious buyers to negotiate any possible details such as vehicle shipping or required inspections.

The service also makes it easy to pick up a lease whether you’re trading one of your own or not.

Given the nature of these transactions there are certain legal issue to tackle.  But Swapalease puts everything in layman’s terms by emailing you a PDF file that simplifies the transfer process and has a support staff to answer any questions.

While you’re at it, you can also ditch that cell phone plan that has kept you chained to a crappy provider with CellSwapper (you can entice buyers with cash incentives). You can also buy into a short-term plan with no fee.

Finally, services that reward the innate human tendency toward commitment-phobia.