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Article • June 23, 2010

Learn How To Fix Anything You Own

Browse detailed guides for repairing your gadgets and appliances with iFixit

Your new laptop has every feature you could possibly want, save one: it can’t repair itself.

Enter iFixit, a free resource that provides comprehensive repair guides, troubleshooting tips and a community of technicians ready to help you fix your gadget, household appliance or vehicle.

To start, just visit the site and begin browsing. If you’re not quite sure what’s wrong with your item, check out the “answers” section, where nearly 45,000 users are there to help troubleshoot.

Once you’ve determined the problem, turn to the site’s selection of helpful guides. (Apple devices are heavily represented on the site, including help for older models that the company no longer provides support for).

You can search by make, model and brand, so you’ll be certain to find the correct guide for your product.

But what sets iFixit apart is the sheer level of detail each guide contains, including foolproof step-by-step instructions and annotated photographs that show you what to do.

The site even sells the replacement parts you’ll need to make many common repairs.

You are now free to break your durable goods.