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Article • June 24, 2010

Party Time

Send Stylish Invitations And Manage Your Guest List Online

Great parties don’t just happen.  They are planned, and the first step is a stylish invitation.

Thankfully, there’s Cocodot, a new service that allows you to send out stylish, ad-free invitations, set up an event home page and manage your guest list online.

Start by choosing an event template– they have everything from birthdays to Fourth of July to bachelor parties. If one of their myriad art options doesn’t suit your fancy, you can upload your own photo.

Once you’ve decided on a layout, enter the time, date and location of your event. You can include a map, set a maximum attendance number and even schedule reminder emails to your guests (For those who like physical artifacts, they’ll send you a high-res copy that you can use to make a quality print).

After your invitations have been sent, Cocodot makes it simple to manage your guest list and RSVPs. You can opt to receive emails notifying you of any changes or comments your invitees make, and your guests can easily be notified if you need to make last minute changes (rain happens).

Cocodot also revives the lost art of sending notes on stationary. Simply select a template and choose “Card,” and fill in your sentiments.

Memberships cost $29 (cards only) or $49 (invitations and cards) for a year of unlimited use. You can also opt to pay a la carte, with an event costing $19 and cards costing $.99—a steal when you consider the cost of stamps and quality paper.

Also nice:  Not having the taste of envelope glue on your lips.