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Article • June 29, 2010

Keep Track of Your Calories and Workouts

Manage your diet and exercise regimen with Hot Cal

Losing weight and watching what you eat are difficult tasks. Managing an application that helps keep track of your efforts ought to be easy.

Fortunately there’s Hot Cal, a free exercise and diet management site that is both simple to use and easy to update.

When you sign up you’ll answer questions about your current diet, exercise regimen and your weight.

It then lets you set specific calorie and exercise goals, providing access to a host of tools and databases (including the nutritional info for all fast food restaurants).

The site makes it easy to track caloric/nutritional intake, and to monitor how much you’re exercising (the site tells you how many calories you burn for a particular exercise).

When you add meals and exercise your target numbers and actual statistics are updated.  Best of all, this happens on one page, so you don’t have to scroll through an entire site.

So enjoy that KFC Double Down if you must—just make sure to record your efforts in Hot Cal.