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Article • July 7, 2010

Create Customized Chocolate Bars and Macarons

Impress your guests with custom-made treats from Chocomize

Becoming candy bar mogul probably isn’t in the cards for most of us.  But what if there were a way to live the dream on a smaller scale?

Enter Chocomize, a new service that lets you create customized chocolate bars, tailored to your every whim.

Just visit the site and start building your chocolate bar. After choosing between your base chocolate (white, milk, or dark, all Belgian), Chocomize lets you add up to five extra ingredients.

And this is where it gets interesting, given that their list of extras includes everything from pine nuts to Pop Rocks.  Those with a taste for adventures can even add cayenne paper or hot curry powder.

Chocolate bars cost $3.95 apiece, with extras starting at $0.65 for each addition.

If customizing your own bar isn’t your thing, they feature a host of popular combinations to choose from. Chocomize even features a selection of bars for special occasions, from Father’s Day to birthdays.

(Once you’ve placed an order, your bars should arrive within 4-6 days.)

And, five out five dentists recommend Chocomize, which is nice.