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Article • July 8, 2010

Sell and Buy Tickets for Any Event

Sell and purchase event tickets at the best possible time with SeatGeek

Ticket prices for concerts and sporting events often behave like Charlie Sheen—wildly fluctuating, which means timing ticket purchases (and sales) is difficult.

Enter SeatGeek, a service that forecasts the best possible time for you to buy and sell tickets to sporting events and major concerts.

Simply search for the event you wish to attend or sell tickets for (they cover major concerts, MLB, NBA and NFL games).

SeatGeek uses an algorithm based on historical sales to forecast how much they’ll cost in the future with over 85% accuracy, and there’s no service charge for any ticket transactions.

Have season tickets but can’t attend every game of the season? Try SeatGeek Portfolio, which forecasts the value of your season tickets and tells you the best times to sell for maximum profit. (The service is free for a two-week trial period, and costs $15 a month).

Now, if only there were a site that could better the odds of your team making the playoffs…