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Article • July 9, 2010

Keep Track of Everything You Want to Buy Online in One Place

Amazon Universal Registry is a registry service for everybody, not just brides

Being the recipient of a gift is dicey business.  Unless the person knows you really well, chances are good the present will go astray.

Thankfully, there’s the Amazon Universal Registry, which allows you to create your own personal wish list in one convenient market place.

Simply create an Amazon account (if you haven’t already for some reason) and drag the “Add to Registry” button to your browser’s bookmark bar.

From then on, simply click the button whenever you’re viewing a product that you’d like.
You can add to your list from any site, not just Amazon.

While Amazon has dedicated sites for wedding and baby shower registries, the business of registering isn’t just for these occasions anymore (read: It’s okay for dudes to do it).

When you’re creating your list, simply click which specialized registry you’d like to create, enter your name and begin building your list. Amazon offers guides to suggest items you may never have known you needed.

Of course if you still want to risk letting friends and family freewheel it, that’s your perogative.