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Article • July 12, 2010

Easily Access Your Bookmarks Across Browsers

Up your bookmarks game with Quix

The Internet is full of great shortcuts and apps that make life easier. But sometimes having too many time savers can make things more complicated, not less.

Enter Quix, an application that allows you to run basic searches, complete various tasks and access all your bookmarks (across various browsers), all in one convenient place.

If that sounds a little nerdy, consider it the express lane on the Autobahn.

To load Quix just drag the bookmarklet to your bookmark bar. From that point on you’ll use the button to run actions by typing a prompt, whether it’s defining a word with Google, searching a Twitter username, sharing something on Facebook or searching Netflix for a movie.

Most commands are a single letter and are easy to memorize, although accessing the list is as easy as typing “help.” Quix has all of the major sites covered and eliminates the bookmark clutter that so often accumulates.

While there are plenty of advanced commands for the mavens, the majority of what this app can do is designed for the casual Internet user.

Your bookmarks need clutter control, and this the answer.