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Article • July 15, 2010

Shelf Space

A Netflix-Style Rental Service For Your Literary Needs

Reading is fundamental.  But budget cuts are making many local libraries less of an option for avid readers.

Thankfully, there’s Bookswim, an online book rental service that lets you compile a Netflix-style queue of books to be delivered to your door.

Simply set up an account and choose the pricing plan that best suits your reading speed (they start as low as $23.95 a month for 3 books at a time, which includes shipping and handling).

After that, begin selecting books to add to your “Rental Pool.” Bookswim offers everything from best sellers to classic literature to textbooks

There are no due dates or time limits on the books you borrow (unlike a library, you’ll never pay a late fee). When you’ve finished a book, simply pack it in the provided return envelope and send it back to receive the next title on your list.

It’s like having your own personal Dewey Decimal System.