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Article • July 16, 2010

Save, Annotate, and Organize Web Pages and Resources

Simplify online organization with Diigo

If you’re anything like us, the mess of bookmarks, sticky notes, and clipped web pages is so confusing that you’re just a step away from reverting back to post-its.

To make things a bit more streamlined, try Diigo, a free service that combines bookmarking, web clipping, and annotation tools.

To begin, create a free account with Diigo and download the toolbar (it works with every major browser).

The toolbar allows you to bookmark pages, highlight text, send articles via a bevy of social networking tools, and mark items for later reading.

(Diigo even allows you to capture pages as fully searchable screenshots, so you can archive a page and view it offline.)

After you’ve made any changes, Diigo pushes that information to their servers, or “the cloud.” You don’t have to worry about setting up separate syncs for different types of data since everything updates together at once.

The service also has apps for the iPad, iPhone, and for Android devices.

You are now free to annotate the entire Internet.