Garden Party - Netted
Article • July 21, 2010

Garden Party

Grow Your Own Groceries The Easiest Way Possible

“We must cultivate our gardens.”  A nice thought, Voltaire, but harder to do than one might think.

Or, it used to be, before the advent of SproutRobot!, which tells you exactly what seeds to plant based on your location, and then sends you the packets when it’s time to plant them.

Just sign up (for free) and then enter your zip code.  A few seconds later the site will create your planting calendar (hand-checked by gardening experts), telling what seeds to buy, and when to plant them, based on climate and seasonality.

When it’s time to plant something new you’ll received your certified organic heirloom seeds and instructions.

SproutRobot! offers three plans—patio garden ($19.99 per year), small garden (up to 6 seed varieties for $39.99 per year) and family garden ($59.99 per year.

You can’t get any more local or green than eating from your own garden.