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Article • July 22, 2010

Match Music to Your Mood

Stereomood is a music service that pairs your feelings with the best tunes

There are hundreds of online radio services that can sort music by genre and artist, but what if you’re looking for music to match your mood?

Enter Stereomood, a free service that provides (and suggests) music according to your mood and activity level.

To begin, visit Stereomood and select a tag from the mood cloud. Options range from general (“happy”) to the very specific (“Driving Route 66”). Your mood isn’t predictable or constant, so why should your music be?

Once you choose a mood the site will create a playlist that matches the selection.  (While writing this we chose “working” and were given a list of 50 songs).

The service is free and doesn’t require an account to use. But to create personalized playlists you’ll need to sign up (which is easy).

Finally, a music site that can get you through the mid-afternoon workday blahs.