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Article • July 23, 2010

Cook Dinners from Around the World with Simple Meal Kits

Order recipe kits to make global cooking simple with Destination Dinners

Cooking a complicated foreign meal at home is a great idea.  In theory.

To put your global culinary skills into practice, try Destination Dinners, a service that provides recipe kits for authentic signature dishes from around the world.

The site offers dozen of recipe kits, organized by country of origin. Whether you’re in the mood for Chicken Garam Masala from Bangladesh or Lebanese baked spiced lamb, there’s a kit for you.

The recipe kits take the guessing out of the equation, and each comes with instructions, premeasured portions of every dry ingredient you’ll need (spices and the like) and a grocery list for the perishable parts of the meal you’ll need to buy.

The kits start at $25 and are designed to feed four adults. If you’re looking for something a little more elaborate, they also offers “Dinner Party” sets, which include extras like specialized utensils and accessories in addition to a recipe kit.

Get ready to retire that old stack of food delivery menus.