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Article • July 27, 2010

Travel Agent

Aggregate All of Your Travel Research In One Convenient Place

Organizing your travel plans via the web can be a hectic affair, what with all the information you come across.

To simplify things, there’s Gliider, a browser add-on that allows you to aggregate all of your travel research into one streamlined place.

Just download and install Gliider in your browser (Firefox and Internet Explorer are supported) and click “New Trip.” After filling out some basic information, start researching your getaway.

When you come across something that interests you, simply click the Gliider arrow in your browser, highlight the text and pictures you want, and drag them to the appropriate folder.  There’s not printing or bookmarking necessary.

Gliider also uses your information and materials to suggest deals on flights and hotels relevant to your search.

Unfortunately, packing for your trip is still your responsibility.