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Article • July 29, 2010

Avoid the Headache of Losing Data with an Online Backup

Mozy is a cloud-based solution for backing up all of your files

Backing up your photos, music and data files is important.  Adding another piece of unsightly hardware to your home office and a time consuming process to your life, less so.

To avoid losing precious files without the need for more machines or routines, try Mozy, an online back up service that’s cost effective and automatic.

To begin, sign up for an account with MozyHome, and begin evaluating your online backup options. The site offers 2GB of space for free to all users (that’s about 300 photos and 200 mp3s).

Need more space? You get  “unlimited” storage for just $4.95 per month (signing up for yearly and biennial subscriptions brings a lower monthly rate).

Files are protected with military grade encryption, and you have access to all of your files from any computer (which you don’t get with an external hard-drive).
In terms of use, Mozy works automatically, and in the background.

The automated backups take place when your computer is not in use (so upload time is faster), but the system also backs up revised and new files automatically, as they are added.

About the only thing it won’t do are the dishes.