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Article • July 30, 2010

Call Your Phone Whenever It's Missing

Find your lost cell phone and never miss another birthday with Where'sMyCellPhone and BirthdayDialer

Not that this ever happens to you, but there are people out there who occasionally misplace their cell phones.

For the forgetful, the hungover and those with toddlers who hide things, there’s Where’sMyCellPhone, a simple but helpful free service that dials your phone, allowing you to find it.

Why do you need it?  Because you can’t always find an extra phone to call yourself with (many don’t even have landlines anymore).

Just go to the site, enter your cell number and then hit the “make it ring” button.  When you hear a ringing sound, move toward it.  Recovery is often mere footsteps away.

And for those who never remember the anniversary of the births of their loved ones, try the Birthday Dialer, which lets you send a specialized birthday song.

The service is gratis, though they do offer an upgrade that is ad-free and allows you to pre-schedule the greetings in advance.