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Article • August 2, 2010

Post Haste

Get All Of Your Most Important Emails Without Actually Having To Check Your Email

As is the case with all technology, email is both a blessing and a curse.

To escape the daily deluge of emails, there’s Away Find, a service that uses personalized filters to scan your inbox for urgent messages and then alert you via SMS, instant message or phone call.

To start, create a free account. Then create filters for the emails that you want to be notified about (like your boss, or your bookie). You can choose to be alerted by text, instant message, or Twitter direct message.

This way you don’t actually have to even check your email to get your important messages.

As an added time saver, Away Find will call and read your urgent emails aloud to you, so you won’t miss an important message when you’re away from a computer.

If you’re headed on vacation, you can use the filters to delegate emails to other people. The filters can be set for a period of time and recipients can opt out of away notifications, so they won’t be spammed every time they email you.

Next to sunblock and a sixpack it’s the next best thing to take to the beach this summer.