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Article • August 4, 2010

Story Tellers

A Service That Lets You Tell The Story Behind Your Objects And Gifts
Every object has a story, from cherished heirlooms to recently purchased gadgets. But when items change hands that backstory is usually lost.

To keep the narrative alive there’s Itizen, a service that provides identifying badges that link back to a web-based story archive, cataloging all of your objects.

Start by ordering a free trial pack of I.D. tags, which includes stickers for hard objects, sew-on labels for clothes (and other soft objects) and gift tags (for presents).  Additional packs cost $8, but you can always download and print them yourself for free.

Once they arrive, affix the tags to any object you want and then compose a history of the object on the Itizen website.

From that point on, anyone can access the object’s description, location and owner by going to the site and entering the I.D. number (or holding the barcode up to their phone’s camera).

Think of it as a dog tag for your stuff and all the gifts you give.