Secret Message - Netted
Article • August 5, 2010

Secret Message

Add Relevant Context To Emails Sent To Multiple Parties

Ever blind cc’ed somebody on an email, only to have them write back to you confused as to why you included them?  If you’ve ever held a job, the answer has to be “yes!”

To add a layer of needed context to your emails, there’s Subtextual, which allows you to send private messages to bcc recipients of your emails.

Just download and install the free program (Microsoft Outlook and Gmail are supported) or try their brand new premium offering for $6.99, which allows you to include attachments and add a customized default message.

From that point on, just click on the Subtextual bar on the bottom of your email whenever you’d like to attach a private message to the folks you’re secretly including.

It’s like adding a private sticky note or cover sheet to your email messages (and your recipients don’t need to have the software installed to view your message).

As an added bonus, there are several functions that make using Twitter easier than ever, allowing you to quickly add username for “@” replies, shorten URLs and instantly send somebody a direct message.

If only there were a way to rectify those horrific accidental “reply all” disasters.