Duck And Cover - Netted
Article • August 6, 2010

Duck And Cover

Keep Your Friend Close And Your Enemies Clueless

Social networks have made the world a smaller place. But what about the people you don’t want to run into?

To keep interactions at bay, there’s Avoidr, a service that uses your enemies’ foursquare accounts to help you, uh, avoid the people you don’t want to see.

To start, sign in with your foursquare account. Avoidr then compiles a list of your foursquare contacts, complete with their profile pictures.

When you’ve decided which enemies you want to avoid, choose one of the colorful descriptors to apply (“snob,” “psycho” and “douchelord” are among them) and click “avoid.”

From that point forward you’ll see the places that they’ve recently checked into or that you both frequent, allowing you to steer clear.

If you suddenly reconcile your differences with any of your avoidees, you can “bring em’ back” with a few easy clicks.

It’s the biggest boon to passive aggressive behavior since the invention of caller ID.