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Article • August 11, 2010

Swap Homes with Fellow Travelers for Your Vacation

Love Home Swap is a home exchange service that'll meet your five-star needs

When you go on vacation your home sits vacant.  But what if there were an easy way to swap living spaces?

Enter Love Home Swap, a service that allows you to exchange your home for another luxury dwelling in some exotic port of call.

To begin, browse through the potential homes you might want to swap for your own (it’s free to look).

Love Home Swap is global, offering everything from small apartments in major world capitals to charming estates in the European countryside.

Feel like swapping your apartment in New York for one in Paris? No problem. There’s a perfect two bedroom complete with crown moldings, high ceilings, and free WiFi.

Each homeowner lists nearby restaurants, bars, and attractions with a few key points about what type of people they are (hobbies, occupation, etc.). In addition, each listing displays where its owner would prefer to travel.

Once you’ve found a potential swap, you’ll need to sign up for an account. Membership runs $159 annually, with a guarantee that you’ll find a home exchange within the first year. (If you’re unable to find one, they’ll pay for your second year).

And no, the White House is not on their list (not yet, anyway).