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Article • August 13, 2010

Prevent Yourself From Sending Angry And Embarrassing Emails

Flag negative tone and miscommunication in your emails with ToneCheck

There’s nothing worse than send regret–that sense of remorse you have following the dispersal of an aggressive, desperate or alcohol inspired email.

To make sure you don’t say the wrong thing, there’s ToneCheck, a program that scans your emails for various signs of aggression (or stupidity), allowing you to soften your message before you piss off the recipient.

Start by downloading and installing the free software (Outlook is supported). From that point on, whenever you want to run a scan, just click the ToneCheck button in your message toolbar.

You can make edits and correct your tone within the interface.

And if you’re the type to send late night emails to bosses, exes or potential mates after a night on the town, consider activating Gmail’s Mail Goggles feature.

Once switched on (you find it in the Labs tab of your Gmail settings), Googles will require you to quickly solve a few simple math equations before sending a message. If doing the math proves tricky you’re probably not in the best state of mind for email communications.

Think of it as border control for bad email behavior.