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Article • August 20, 2010

Listen to and Share Your Favorite Music and Podcasts

Take the hassle out of sending and receiving music with SoundCloud

The Internet has made it insanely easy to find new music.  Sharing that music, not so much.

Enter SoundCloud, a service that allows you to send, receive and store original music files in one easy location.

Start by creating a free account. From there, you can easily search the site for music and either set tracks as a favorite, download them or share them with others.

If a friend or artist creates a track that they think you should hear, they can easily forward it to your “dropbox.” You can even create a link button for your Facebook page so friends can always add music.

SoundCloud is incredibly fast and there are no limits to file sizes (all formats accepted). You also have control over who gets to listen to your music (stats are compiled on who has listened and downloaded your tracks).

For bands or artists who want unlimited sharing, better stats and full support, there’s the premium service (they start at around $36 per year).

Your mixtape days are about to start again.