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Article • August 23, 2010

Catch Up on All the News and Talk in Your Neighborhood

EveryBlock is a news feed that's right in your own backyard

Think globally, live locally.  Good advice, but hard to do when local news is in such a dismal state

Forutnately there’s EveryBlock, a website that aggregates information to create a news feed for every block of major American cities.

Start by choosing your city (to date they cover 16 US cities) and entering your local information. You can search by neighborhood name, zip code or specific address.

From there, EveryBlock compiles all the information a local could need. News stories are aggregated from everyone from major news outlets to local blogs, and civic information (such as building permits, crimes and restaurant inspection reports) are included.

EveryBlock also compiles photos from local Flickr accounts, reviews from Yelp, lost and found postings from Craigslist, and user-generated announcements to give it that authentic neighborhood bulletin board feel.

It’s like having Tom Brokaw as your sage, retired neighbor across the way.