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Article • August 30, 2010

Clean House

Micro-Rentals On Stuff You Need But Don’t Want To Own

Owning too much stuff is one of the perils of modern life.

For those who want to minimize there’s SnapGoods, a free online service for sharing and renting tools, household items and gadgets from your neighbors and local businesses.

Sign up for a free account and begin browsing through their library of rentable products. The selection boasts everything from inexpensive DVD box sets (The Wire, $2 per day) to a 14-amp miter saw ($10 per day).

Once you’ve selected an item, you’ll be able to look at more detailed information, including its availability, pick-up location, reservation information and profiles of the renters.

SnapGoods requires you to physically meet the people you’re dealing with at a local business that’s been designated as an official drop-off point.

To add additional security, the service makes users connect via Facebook or by joining one of many established SnapGoods Meetup Groups. This way, you trust the people you’ll be renting from or loaning your stuff to.

You can begin cleaning out that overstuffed closet now.