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Article • September 1, 2010

Nice Curves

Find The Best Price On Auto Body Repairs Without Leaving Home

If you own a car chances are good that at some point you’ll have to deal with a ding, scrape, scratch or dent.

Taking some of the pain out of the process is DentBetty, a free service that facilitates the gathering of cosmetic auto body repair estimates, using photos you submit.

Just upload a few photos of your ding or dent, provide a brief description of what happened and within 7 days you’ll have up to 7 competing estimates from quality shops all within driving distance.

From there you can choose a shop and schedule an appointment.

The service is free.  If your insurance is going to pick up the tab you’ll deal directly with the shop and your carrier.  The site also provides some tips for taking the right kind of photos (they suggest adding a ruler for scale, for example).

Now if only there were a free service for removing idiotic drivers from the road.