Good Follows - Netted
Article • September 9, 2010

Good Follows

Be The Master Of Your Own Social Media Domain

Social media has added a new layer of rejection that we didn’t face in the analog days.

To help figure out where you stand there’s Qwitter, a notification service that alerts you whenever someone has stopped following you on Twitter.

Just sign up for a free account and add your Twitter account information. From then on, you’ll receive a daily email informing you of any followers who’ve jumped ship.

Really worried?  Their premium service offers more immediate notification and shows which of your Tweets led them to unfollow you.

To continue on your path of social network domination, there’s also Be the Mayor, which aids you in earning the coveted “mayor” title for your favorite places on foursquare.

Input your foursquare account information and begin searching for the places where you’d like to reign supreme. Be the Mayor will tell you how many check-ins it will take for you to become mayor.

Who says you can’t be master of your own domain?