Down Market - Netted
Article • September 10, 2010

Down Market

Find The Lowest Possible Prices On The Items You Want

Prices.  They go up and they go down.  This is what makes a market.  The goal, of course, is to catch them on the “down” part of their movement.

Short of running the Federal Reserve the best way to do this is with Price Protectr, a free service that tracks the prices of items you’re thinking about buying, ensuring you pay the lowest price.

The service makes it simple to watch prices, keep track of purchases, and even get rebates on top of price drops.

To use it you simply paste the product information page for a particular item into a box at the Price Protectr site (this is usually the page where you’d add the item to your shopping cart).  Then you add your email.

When the price drops they’ll email you.  Already bought something now available at a lower price?  You can use the service to get the difference from any of their 160 supported stores.

For serious shoppers there’s the Price Protectr Toolbar, which offers one-click checking, deal alerts and more.

Alan Greenspan could have used this service…