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Article • September 14, 2010

High Fidelity

Discover New Music From Friends and Take It On The Go

Finding music isn’t hard. Finding music you really want to listen to, however, requires some work.

Thankfully there’s Rdio, a social music service that allows you discover and share music through your friends wherever you are, including your desktop or smartphone.

Start by downloading the Rdio desktop application and clicking “match collection.” After analysis, whatever songs from your library are available on the service will appear in your Rdio collection.

If you own single tracks from artists, you can even add the rest of the tracks from their respective albums. You can also browse to add music to your library or grab songs from friends.

We like the browser interface, which is clean and easy to use. But to get the full potential download the free mobile app (Android, iPhone and BlackBerry are supported). It allows you to stream your entire Rdio library to wherever you happen to be.

After a 3-day free trial, Rdio Unlimited costs $9.99/month, and supports both web and mobile use. Rdio Web costs $4.99/month. Both plans allow you to play as many songs as you want, anytime.

Think of it as an all you can eat music buffet that’s always open.