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Article • September 21, 2010

Find the Best Hotel Rooms Last Minute

LateRooms is a new way to score cheap hotel rooms

Mustering the desire to take a vacation is easy. Finding affordable places to stay while traveling, not so much.

Thankfully there’s LateRooms, an international service that helps you find the cheapest possible deals on hotel room (and other travel arrangements).

If you have a specific place in mind, start by searching for a hotel by location or name. If you’re just looking for extra incentive to get away, you can search for specific deals, including free nights, extra amenities, combo deals or free upgrades.

LateRooms also gives you the option to book “secret rooms,” which will give you the general vicinity of the hotel and its star rating but won’t disclose the name until you book (this is done so fancy hotels can save face by filling rooms without having to advertise a discount).

If you’re looking for something a little homier than a hotel room, you can also book cottages, apartments or villas throughout Europe. Car rentals are also available, and they offer free city guides many European hubs.

As for convincing your boss to give you the time off, you’re on your own.