Going Postal - Netted
Article • September 23, 2010

Going Postal

UPDATED 2/2016: This service is no longer available. For a similar pick, see Updater


If you’re anything like us your snail mail sits in a large, ignored pile somewhere near your front door.

To get rid of that clutter, there’s Zumbox, a service that lets you create an electronic mailbox for your physical address.

Sign up for a free account and Zumbox will verify your address with a letter and a PIN (similar to activating a debit card).

From there, you can respond to commercial enterprises with a click of a button to notify them that you would like only paperless mail from them (think utility, phone and cable bills, along with all the junk mail you get).

The site provides bank-level security, allowing you to store and access all of your mail in one central, secure place.  It’s also a lot more environmentally friendly than paper mail (and you can check it while you’re on vacation).

And, for those times when you need to send something physical to a friend, there’s Send Social, a service that allows you to mail packages based on a person’s social media presence.

Start by signing in with your Facebook, Twitter or email account. From there, you can send a request to a friend whose address you don’t have via their Facebook, Twitter or email address.

If they accept your request, you’ll receive a barcode address label to affix to the parcel you’d like to send. This means that the person receiving the package can maintain their privacy while still taking their social networking to new level.

Your postman will thank you.