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Article • September 24, 2010

Clear Out Your Inbox and Keep Your Emails Organized

Automatically schedule follow up emails and reminders with FollowUpThen

Digging through your email in-box to stay on top of correspondence is a fool’s errand, as we all know.

For a better way to stay on top of correspondence, there’s FollowUpThen, a free service that easily schedules follow up emails and reminders.

There’s no registraton or fee. Simply compose an email and include [scheduledtime] in your CC, BCC or TO field.

Almost any scheduling is possible, including specific dates (e.g., specific times (tomorrow11am), or recurring days (everyfriday).

When you want to follow up with a client and send a reminder to yourself, simply use the CC field to set delivery.  If your recipient “replies all” before the scheduled follow up is sent, it is automatically cancelled.

You can also use BCC to only follow up with the person receiving the email or use the “TO” field to set a reminder for yourself to follow up. Conveniently, you can also cancel reminders by emailing

Now if only you could get your friends to stop forwarding you distracting viral videos…